Het MOU - Museum of Oudenaarde and the Flemish Ardennes.

Oudenaarde, starting point for further exploration of the Flemish Ardennes, thousand years of history amidst endless wavy hills. The MOU - brings this history to life. Through interactive media and special historical pieces, you travel through time, from the Middle Ages to today.

You meet the Emperor Karel V, with his extravagant daughter Margaretha, and Adriaan Brouwer, with his famous beer taverns, and Louis XIV, biting the city in the sand. Famous residents like Frank De Bleeckere explain what fascinates them in Oudenaarde. Top model Cesar Casier and four other character heads posing for Stephan Vanfleteren's lens.

The MOU is also located in one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, centrally located on the market of Oudenaarde. It takes the oldest part, the fourteenth-century Laekenhalle, symbol of the glorious textile history of Oudenaarde. Those who like to taste the meandering course can admire original Oudenaard tapestries in the upper lacquer hall, and in three other town hall rooms, the collection De Boever-Alligoridès, one of the largest silver collections in Flanders.



The Center of Flanders is a unique visitor and experience center in Oudenaarde:

In the experience museum, on the lower floor of the CRVV, you can experience the Tour of Flanders every day and even win. You are immersed in the typical round sphere, you crawl in the skin of round heroes, on interactive attractions you feel the avenue of the slopes and the mercy of the cobbles


Huis de Lalaing

Oudenaarde has its own restoration and weaving studio. This is housed in Huis de Lalaing, a stately 17th-century patrician house along the right bank of the Schelde (Pamelewijk).
On the one hand there is the restoration studio where you can follow the conservation and restoration process from the historic tapestries of needle to wire. On the other hand, VASA weave modern fabrics are woven according to the old technique. In addition, there is an educational room where the restoration process is done on the basis of pictures.


Ename 974

For several years now , Ename stand in the picture. Its past speaks to the imagination, the excavations are followed with attention and the discoveries get in the media extensive commentary. All that attention is understandable, because in Ename there is a unique archaeological site, where a piece of medieval world remained perfectly preserved.

Ename has thus kept an important past and made accessible in an innovative archaeological park, a unique monument, a museum that remains and a beautiful nature reserve.



Sint Walburgakerk

The collegiate St. Walburg Church with its majestic tower dominates the city.
The early church of the early Gothic church, whose construction works in the first half of the 12th century, still rests only the chorus in Tournai limestone.
In the 15th century it was decided to rebuild the church in Brabant Gothic but only the tower and the lower church were completed. In 1534 the works were stopped.
The result is a gorgeous game of Tournai and Brabant Gothic.


(source: toerisme Oudenbaarde)

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