The Flemish Ardennes

The Flemish Ardennes is rightly called Flanders's most beautiful landscape.

Geographically, the landscape is determined by valleys - including the Scheldt Valley - and witnesseshills.

Their beauty and unique character inspired countless artists and writers, such as Valerius de Saedeleer (1867-1941). But also the abstract works by Maurice Wyckaert (1923-1996) had the Flemish Ardennes as an inspiration. Countless times this fascinating landscape was sung by Richard Minne, Omer Wattez, Herman Teirlinck and Felix Timmermans.
The woody hills, the tranquility of the endless valleys, the seductive love of the landscape, the lush range of colors, all wrapped up in delicate sensitivity make it a place where it's good to stay.

These are mystical views in autumn, winter, spring, summer, during a storm or in the evening twilight, which impoverished the famous painter Valerius de Saedeleer in his canvas.
Valerius involved the Tynlon villa in Etikhove after the First World War. From the subterranean he overlooked the area which became an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him. Like no other, he managed to capture the color palette of the unmatched nature of the Flemish Ardennes on canvas.

The Flemish Ardennes offer the visitor more than 300.000 years of history. The scenery with its witness ramparts is spotted with picturesque villages, castles, mills, chapels and ancient monuments.
The museums of the Flemish Ardennes have a fascinating and varied offer. Archaeological discoveries of prehistory over the Gallo-Roman period to the Middle Ages, as well as an overview of the various artistic crafts (tapestry art, edible art) ensure that you gain a clear insight into the rich past of this green region.

Culture goes hand in hand with nature. The Flemish Ardennes count more than 20 marked trails. Forests, views, venomous slopes and pebbles, hollow roads and narrow paths under stacks of clouds change your ride in a colorful rhythm.

Recently, four new themed events were set up. The hiking arrangements allow you to discover Flanders's most beautiful landscape in as many different ways as possible. You can walk the famous ramparts from the Round, walk through pure natural beauty, walk literary or make a trip with a regional beer as a wire. (Source: tourism oudenaarde)

 On the  site of the city of oudenaarde you get an overview of all nature areas and forests in the area.

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