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Shopping in Oudenaarde

Oudenaarde has been a well-known shopping city and has some shopping centers in the municipalities.

The spatial structure of the middle class in Oudenaarde is linked to the large spatial distribution of the population in and around Oudenaarde. This structure is characterized by a spread of trade affairs. On the one hand there is the historic shopping center and, on the other hand, there are smaller trading chains in different municipalities.

You can shop for hours and hours, yet all shops are within walking distance. The choice is great: luxury boutiques, trendy interior stores, specialty stores and some big chains. It may surprise you, but in Oudenaarde you can also buy exclusive shopping, big Belgian, French and Italian labels lie in the shelves.

The Broodstraat, the Nederstraat, the Einestraat and the Hoogstraat are the busy shopping streets but also breathe the cosiness of ancient medieval alleys. Put your eyes on the shopwindows and you will definitely find something that fits your budget. We have more than 300 specialty stores in Oudenaarde!

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(Source toerisme Oudenaarde)

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