Food and drinks

Food and drinks

Regional specialties

Oudenaarde is a real beer city!


The beer tradition has been centuries old. Some breweries still carry the rich beer tradition until today: Roman, Liefmans, Cnudde and Smisje. Especially the typical brown beers but also the cranberries are worth mentioning.

The Oudenaards Grain Barbecue Braeckman offers a wide range of young and old gin, fruit brewers, creamy herbs, precious liqueurs, special aperitifs and much more. For everybody!

In Oudenaarde you can not only taste a nice regional beer or gin, there are also the many delights and typical regional specialties that you definitely have to taste!
For example, there are the 'lekkies', the best known sweets from the Jan van Gent range, an artisan sugar bakery in Kerselare.
Oudenaarde does not only have a beer bearing the name of Adriaen Brouwer, also an Adriaen Brewery and Adriaen Brouwer cheese are very tasty.
More delicacies on the sandwich are a slice of Ename Abdijham, a very slightly salted and long-lasting dried ham of top quality.

So be sure to taste it!

Cozy tables

In Ename jou can dine:

D’ Eenaemsche Vierschaere
Closed: Monday till friday


On this site  you find the overview of the catering units in the area.

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